Join the Movement.

I’m a Girl… That’s Why is creating a movement.
A movement encouraging us that we all rise up to be strong women.
To live a strong example every day in our own communities.
To build each other up and lift those who have been torn down.
To push boundaries, seek answers, follow our hearts and keep moving forward.
To be confident enough to look everyone the eye and use our strong voice.
Without reservation, I’m a Girl … That’s Why!

Ideas on how you can Join the Movement:

  • Speaking engagement with Reneé Rongen sharing an inspirational message for Girls of all ages
  • Book signing party/event with Reneé Rongen
  • Hosting your own Ultimate Pajama Party
  • Combining I’m a Girl … That’s Why to a fundraising opportunity for your organization
  • Contact us with your own ideas and let’s continue the movement together!